Because Ninja

by johnathanknight

A buddy of mine lives in Los Angeles where he writes screenplays for a living.  I was g-chatting with him recently, and he mentioned that we should work together on an animated series idea to pitch.

Absolutely, I thought.  This sounds like exactly the kind of thing I’m into.  So I committed myself to coming up with the best idea possible, and I focused every ounce of brainpower I had at my command.  I thought in a dark room, and I thought in a bright room.  I thought at the kitchen table, and I thought in the shower.  I thought as I walked, as I drove, and during the course of my pondering, it hit me.  The perfect idea.

It’s really just a series of scenes.  Imagine if you will:

An empty bench in the park.  A bird flies by, perching for a moment on the bench.  It’s a quiet, breezy day.  Then someone walks by, casually, enjoying a stroll through the park.  Suddenly the person’s neck slits open and blood gushes everywhere.  The person falls, thrashing about.  But we never see who the killer is.

Because Ninja.

I mean, imagine the possibilities.  They’re endless.  An escalator, some folks are going up, some are coming down.  All of a sudden, both sides start falling and screaming as blood erupts upward and falls back like rain.  And still, we never see the killer.  Because Ninja.

Anyway, I sent the idea to my buddy, and he hasn’t responded yet, but I’m not sweating it.  Clearly, this idea is money in the bank.