Guest Blogger: Revenger

by johnathanknight

Hey folks.  Today I’m lucky to have a guest blogger.  His name is Revenger, and while I don’t agree with everything he says, I can’t help but admire his passion.


Me Revenger.  Revenger mad.  Revenger no like gender-normative privilege.  Revenger crush gender-normative privilege.  Grrr!

You no male.  You cismale.  You not normal.  Revenger break gender-normative privilege.  You watch.

Revenger dress boy in dress.  Now boy right.  Revenger no play gender-normative game.  World no make Revenger happy.  Revenger mad.  Revenger stomp.  Revenger still stomp.

Revenger say you no talk.  Revenger say you listen.  Revenger teach.  World no good.  Revenger destroy.  You bad.  Revenger good.  You ugly.  Revenger pretty. 

Revenger make you think good.  Or smash.