A Tweet Heard Round The World

by johnathanknight

By now, I’m sure we all know the tweet heard round the world:

At 10:19 a.m. ET on Friday, Justine Sacco , a PR director at InterActiveCorp (IAC), posted this tweet shortly before an 11-hour flight from London to Cape Town, South Africa.

Why would she say this?  What went through this hardcore liberal’s mind as she was typing?

The comment was so absurd, wasn’t it?  Who really believes something this ridiculous?  Let’s face it, even the most knuckle-dragging person in the world isn’t deluded enough to think that white folks are immune to AIDS.  It’s the type of comment folks don’t really make.  But it is the type of comment folks get accused of making.

And that’s what I think happened here.  I think Sacco made a backfired attempt to highlight white privilege by mocking her imaginary opposition.  There she is, in her mind, shadow boxing her favorite strawman, typing, and likely mouthing the words in her best bumpkin voice.  Never did it occur to her that she could fall prey to the machine she serviced.

I believe the left ate one of their own this time, and I’m not terribly surprised.  It’s the way the beast works, all pumped up on self-righteous emotion and blurry-eyed, no doubt, from the constant state of outrage and headdesking.

I’ve heard it said that the internet is like the Old West, a pioneer land, and I agree, it is.  Complete with mob justice.