Another Year Older

by johnathanknight

I’ve been invited to another state this year for New Year’s Eve.  Some of my friends will be renting out a bar–to keep the festivities private–and staying in a hotel afterward.  It sounds like it’s going to be an incredibly good time, and I get the feeling folks are going to be telling stories about it for a good long while.

But I won’t be going.  Instead, I’ll be home, bringing the new year in with my daughter.  We won’t be drinking or screaming or dancing, and I won’t be feeling young or on fire with the world at my fingertips.  No, none of that.  We’ll just be coloring, baking, and maybe watching some tv.

There was a time when I would have been bothered by all that missing out.  But not anymore.  Somewhere along the way, “Dad” is who I became, and surprisingly, at least to me, I’m okay with that.