A Brave New Barbie

by johnathanknight

(Screen grab from Plus-Size-Modeling.com's Facebook page)

Recently, I came across a Washington Times article discussing a debate about whether or not there should be a plus sized Barbie doll.  Personally, I don’t see the benefit in this new, potential Barbie. In my opinion, it won’t solve body issues folks have. In fact, I suspect it may exacerbate the issue.

I don’t have much commentary on this.  I’ll limit my thoughts here to this:

1.  I don’t think most children think they have to look like their toys.  Most children, in my experience, realize that dolls are dolls, not people.

2.  Some small percentage of children probably do think they should look like their toys.  However, I don’t think the solution to that should be changing the way the toys look.  I think the solution should be explaining to the kids in question that dolls are dolls, not people.

3.  If I’m wrong, and the vast majority of kids do think they should look like their toys, well, how the heck is encouraging obesity helping?  Being overweight is, for the most part, extremely unhealthy.

4.  I predict that kids will begin to insult other children by saying they look like this Barbie. I also predict that folks, adults, will make numerous jokes about what Barbie’s newest career must be. I see nothing but problems with this.

5.  For instance, I’m making a prediction here.  Barbie is known for having been through a huge number of careers since she was introduced in 1959.  I’m guessing it’s only a matter of time before the somewhat infamous blogger Vox Day suggests that Barbie’s newest career is that of an SFWA writer.